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Here you can buy your Gong created in a handmade way, handmade, without hurry, without machines


That is why we offer you the possibility that your acquisition will be created for you.

We do it like this. It all starts with the measurements and mark the strokes with the compass, we go to the cut of the circumference, the first cleaning, the most important moment “the burning” here is where we introduce your intention and / or purpose, the different hammering processes to Shaping, drilling, stabilization, second cleaning and finally the aesthetic finish.

For us, the Gong is much more than a mere musical instrument and as such we carry out all the processes in a traditional way. Where the machine intervenes at least without molds or precision machines.

We give all the prominence to our hands and as a result we obtain a unique and unrepeatable Gong with its character, wounds and traces of its creation.

In addition to doing Gongs, we also give gong baths, bids, individual sessions, gong initiation courses and advanced training courses, support in retreats and festivals. We attend with our stand the Yoga festivals in France,

Andalusia, Galicia and in fairs and health exhibitions in Bioculture. Where you can try, listen and feel our Gongs

Receiving a Gong created by and for you has no description.

Creation Process

Our Gong creation process is the traditional one used for thousands of years. Our tool is the hammer.

By not using machines or molds we get a unique and unrepeatable instrument.

Made with all the respect and love you deserve.

We start the creation of the gong after your order so you can have your gong done from the first line by and for you.

Made without hurry, respecting the times of assimilation of the many blows that it has to endure to achieve the final energy, vibrational and aesthetic finish.

The gongs we create are made in a traditional way, giving all the importance to the work of the hands, avoiding the use of the machine to the fullest.

We do them with guidelines and spiritual respect that this valuable instrument deserves. To do this, before getting down to medical work, we ask permission and we appreciate this great opportunity to create a Gong.

For its creation we take into account the most specific moments based on this information in astrology and specifically tantric. As well as for the different areas of the gong, we also respect diversity and sacred geometry.

In the most important moment of the processes we invoke a specific and concrete intention for each one of them, as well as sing a mantra.

As in our way of creating we consider that you are the most important and we want you to have a gong created by and for we give you the opportunity to choose your intention, purpose, mantra, prayer, etc.

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