Our process of creating Gong is the traditional one that has been used for thousands of years. Our tool is the hammer. By not using machines or molds we get a unique and unrepeatable instrument. Made with all the respect and love it deserves.

We start the creation of the gong after your order so you can have your gong done from the first stroke by and for you. Made without haste, respecting the times of assimilation of the many blows that it has to endure to achieve the final energetic, vibrational and aesthetic finish.

1- Marking of work lines

2- Tempered with fire and burning of the outer edge

3- Hammering

4- Molding Phases


6-Cleaning and polishing

7-Logo Engraving

Our work begins with the cutting of the discs, we mark the lines of work to then carry out the burning of the outer edge with a mixture of gases enriched with oxygen to reach the optimum temperature bringing the alloy of the metals to red hot.

We allow to cool and rest to start with the different hammering processes, leaving between them a rest time so that it assimilates and releasing tension while gradually taking its form.

Once molded with its smoothed curves we make the tension release process and then take the body out.

Then the process of stabilization of the body is performed applying Sacred geometry, at this point we begin with the first cleaning, aesthetic processes and engravings.

At last we come to the desired moment that is the measurement of Hzs to start the exciting tuning process.

Once tuned we do the last cleaning and begin to play it with great care softening it and preparing it for a new partner.

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